We make use of the best open source and commercial products in order to solve your business problems.

  • ForeTell-Convergence: Business analytics — integrates ERP, CRM, and BPO -related call center functions
  • ForeTell-ESAS: E-Mail Security and Anti-Spam Services
  • ForeTell-IDS: Intrusion and malware detection with additional services
  • ForeTell-NPS: Network Platform Services such as Secure Single Sign On, network infrastructure services using IPv4 and IPv6, firewall, VPN concentrator, and file/print/application server
  • ForeTell-POST: E-Mail and Groupware Server (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, Simple Project Management) with client support for all major mobile and desktop platforms
  • ForeTell-Vault: Business Continuity and DRP functions. We virtualize critical servers and networks and provide recovery and backup service
  • ForeTell-WorkPlace: Collaboration platform with database integration and ORM support

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