How long do you and your employees spend each day going through email and deleting all the junk?

How many emails do you get from that banker’s heir who wants to borrow your bank account to park his spare billion dollars?

Spam filters and virus protection are now necessary products for all users, but there is a wide difference in quality and efficiency.

ForeTell-ESAS works quietly behind the scenes to drop spam and prevent malware and deadly viruses from entering your network in the first place. Many spam filters simply ‘quarantine’ spam. Sometimes they use old-fashioned technologies such as key word filtering – so any company with the short form of the name ‘Association’, for example, could be quarantined. Not only will you NOT get your legitimate email from a legitimate company, your network will still end up using precious bandwidth and storage space for the purpose of obtaining the unrequested spam – a lose-lose situation.

We do anti-spam with no false-positives and save bandwidth while doing so.

Stop malware — scripts, viruses, spam, malicious content, phishing, and worms from coming into or out of your corporate network through various protocols associated with E-Mail and Web Mail.

Please contact us by email OR by phone at 204 885 9535 for more information on this product.

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