If you were hacked, would you know it?

Real computer hacking does not make for blockbuster movies with data being wiped from a screen and being replaced by the words – “murderer” (like the movie – Ghost). Real computer hacking is much more boring, but nonetheless, absolutely devastating for the victim(s) involved.

The best hackers (even the moderately competent ones) can hack without leaving any traces and you may only become aware when it’s too late, and sometimes not at all.

ForeTell-IDS is one of ForeTell’s original and signature products. Designed by a specialist in ethical hacking – which is the act of breaking into a company’s network by invitation of the company itself – this product is constantly evolving to keep one step ahead of the ‘bad guys’.

Don’t think you’re a target? Think again. Do you really want your competitor to have access to your business information or the names of your best customers?

ForeTell-IDS uses active and passive techniques to detect and prevent intrusion attempts. We use signature-based and specification-based approaches, bundled with vulnerability and penetration tests tailored to your business. Our products help with regulatory and organizational requirements to help protect your institution and your critical infrastructure.

Please contact us at OR by phone at 204 885 9535 for additional information on this product.

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