E-Mail is so critical for your business – some might say it is the business equivalent of  oxygen for living creatures! But we would not be happy if we had licencing restrictions or the need to pay a special tax for breathing, would we?

ForeTell-POST is easy to set up and manage, secure and scalable, and allows you to make use of employee -owned devices (such as mobile clients and laptops and home computers) safely, without additional licensing or integration costs.

ForeTell-POST provides email, calendar and schedules, task management, contacts and address books, and a number of other groupware functions. You can use desktop clients such as various versions of Windows, Macintosh OSX, Unix, and Linux, mobile clients such as Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry, and other smart phones with ForeTell-POST.

This is one of the most flexible email solutions in the marketplace today.

Please contact us at OR by phone at 204 885 9535 for more information on this product.

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