What would you do if you woke up one day and all your company’s computer infrastructure was inaccessible?

Scary thought, isn’t it…?

Sure, you may have carefully stored back-ups in a secure safety box. You may even have paper records  from which you could re-create a certain portion of your business logic, but…even with careful planning, how LONG would it take for you to restore all your operating systems, computer applications, security settings, intranet(s), user accounts, email, groupware, etc.?  ….A month?   Six months?  A year?

What if you were able to have your whole company stored securely and at a touch of a button, your whole company could be operational in a fraction of that time – e.g. the amount of time it would take for some of your employees to go on a coffee break.

Maybe your employees wouldn’t all be happy, but you would be. Well, actually, your employees might be happy as well, because who would want the job of recreating everything right from scratch…?

This way, they can very quickly be back doing what they’re supposed to do – making money for your company. A win-win scenario.

ForeTell-Vault allows you to continuously backup and replicate servers, services, and networks. The replicated services can be run from a different location for business continuity and disaster recovery purposes. The managed backup services allow IT personnel and power users to manage their own backup and recovery.

All systems and data remain under the control of your IT department and our services provide you with the benefits of a private or public cloud without having to yield control and with greater flexibility.

Please contact us by email OR by phone at 204 885 9535 for more information on this product.

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