You’re a growing company. Business is going well, and the customers are streaming through the door, anxious to buy your products and services.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? All your hard work getting your business off the ground is starting to pay off, but…

  • How do you decide whether you should look at potential markets outside your current locations? Outside your State or Province? Outside Canada or the United States?
  • What are the real benefits for your business from different tiers of customers and sales folks? 
  • How can you be sure that your latest marketing blitz was successful and whether it is something you should repeat or you should modify?
  • How to decide where to focus your next efforts?
  • How do you integrate work performed by all your employees, evaluate their work, and focus their efforts towards driving more sales for your organization?

ForeTell-Convergence allows you to look at the reams of data that you’re now gathering, find the patterns and metrics, and customize it to meet your needs and desires.

ForeTell will assist you in analyzing the data that you want to gather, the kinds of reports that YOU want to generate, and then, your marketing team(s) can take it from there . Alternatively, for those who prefer a more hand’s off approach, ForeTell would continue to work with your sales and marketing staff to develop customized reports to help them target the right customers at the right time. Flexibility is the key.

ForeTell-Convergence will improve sales effectiveness by integrating corporate databases, workplace interactions, collaboration tools including social media, inventory and ERP systems, customer relationship management platforms, and call center functions.

Please contact us by email OR by phone at 204 885 9535 for more information about this product.


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